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== Cast ==
* Tom Cat - Guru Ant (Parappa the Rapper 2)
* Jerry Mouse - Jiminy Cricket (Pinocchio)
* Robyn Starling - Charity Bazaar (Histeria!)
* Aunt Pristine Figg - The Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland; 1951)
* Lickboot - Hades (Hercules)
* Ferdinand - Sid the Sloth (Ice Age)
* Dr. Applecheek - Gaston (Beauty and the Beast; 1991)
* Daddy Starling - Dilbert
* Puggsy - Ben Ali Gator (Fantasia)
* Frankie Da Flea - Mushu (Mulan)
* Captain Kiddie - The Scarecrow (The Wizard of Oz)
* Squawk - José Carioca (Saludos Amigos)
* The Straycatchers - Pain & Panic (Hercules)
* Droopy Dog - Winnie the Pooh
* The Patrolman - Emperor Kuzco (The Emperor's New Groove)
== Gallery ==
Guru Ant as Tom Cat
Jiminy Cricket as Jerry Mouse
Charity Bazaar as Robyn Starling
The Queen of Hearts as Aunt Pristine Figg
Hades as Lickboot
Sid the Sloth as Ferdinand
Gaston as Dr. Applecheek
Dilbert as Daddy Starling
Ben Ali Gator as Puggsy
Mushu as Frankie Da Flea
The Scarecrow as Captain Kiddie
Jose Carioca as Squawk
Pain and Panic as the Straycatchers
Winnie the Pooh as Droopy Dog
Emperor Kuzco as the Patrolman
[[Category:Tom and Jerry: The Movie Movie Spoofs]]
[[Category:Tom and Jerry: The Movie Movie Spoofs]]
[[Category:Tom and Jerry: The Movie Spoofs]]
[[Category:Tom and Jerry: The Movie Spoofs]]

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